A Guide To Velvet Invitations


Here at Ink & Press Co. we are proud to be one of few stationers stateside that offers foil on velvet for both Save the Dates and wedding invitation suites. There is no lying that this unique combination is sure to wow your guests and make a statement. The refined combination of foil on velvet adds shine and texture to your suite, and is luxurious to the touch. While this is a new technique, we have vetted both velvet and foil materials to ensure the highest of quality.

Have questions about foil on velvet? Here we will cover answers to general questions as well as velvet color options. If you have any additional questions, don’t be hestitant to contact Mikyla Marie. Interested in velvet for your wedding stationery? Submit a request for a quote here!

Is it really velvet?

Yes! The material is velvet and soft to the touch just like the velvet/suede you are familiar with. The velvet material alone is thinner like fabric. To add thickness, so the velvet can be used as an invitation suite, the velvet is duplexed (or glued) to a thick cotton cardstock in the matching color of choice. This creates a thick velvet card that can now be sent to your guests!

What colors are available?

We have a collection of 16 different velvet colors available. All colors can be mixed and matched to create a truly custom color palette.

Do you recommend using velvet for all cards in a suite?

It depends! While the images in this post feature an all velvet card suite, we also love using velvet as an accent piece in a suite. The velvet pairs well with both handmade paper and cotton cardstock. Pairing with handmade paper takes a more romantic approach creating a suite filled with texture. Whereas pairing with cotton cardstock creates a more classic and refined aesthetic.

If using velvet for all cards, we recommend working with lighter colors (or a blend of dark and light colors) for the sake of the RSVP card. The velvet can be written on but for the ease of your guests, we don’t recommend a black velvet RSVP card.

Can you digitally print or letterpress on velvet?

Unfortunately, no. The only print methods that work on velvet are blind embossing or debossing, and foil. Because velvet is a material, ink soaks into the velvet creating a messy print. With foil, the foil is transferred via a heated metal plate pressed into the velvet creating a crisp print. We offer five different foil colors – gold, copper, rose, silver, and white foil.

What is an average quote for velvet invitations like?

We understand every couple’s needs are different, which is why we offer individual quotes instead of set prices for set quantities. A quote is largely based on the quantity requested. As a standard rule of thumb, the more you order the price per suite goes down as base costs, like foil plates, are spread out across a greater quantity. 

While velvet is a more luxury option, we have worked hard to find and vet suppliers enabling us to offer velvet invitation suites at an affordable investment. As a frame of reference, a 100 qty velvet 3-piece invitation suite prices around the $2,000 ballpark. Velvet invitations are available for both our semi-custom collection as well as custom design. To request a quote for a semi-custom design suite, click here