Over here at Ink & Press Co. it is no secret we love vintage stamps! Vintage stamps are a great way to showcase a client's personal style and add flair to an invitation suite. And, letting you in on a little pro-tip... unused postage never expires! That's right, vintage stamps are not just there for a pretty aesthetic, but can still be used for their face-value to send mail.

Without further ado, here are our 5 tips and tricks to using vintage stamps! And if you have any questions on how to source vintage stamps, we've created a free downloadable guide including our favorite vintage stamp retailers.

Wedding Invitations & Calligraphy - Ink & Press Co. Photo by Mary Claire


It is important to decide if you want to use vintage stamps at the beginning of your invitation design process. Both your designer and calligrapher will need to know ahead of time. Designers take into consideration sizes, dimensions, paper weight, etc. when designing your suite if you chose vintage stamps. Calligraphers will need to account for space on the envelope to ensure addresses do not get covered by the stamps. 

PRO-TIP: We highly recommend working with a designer or vintage stamp curator when curating your selection. Both are far more familiar with the variety of sizes and can ensure everything will fit on your invitation envelope nicely.



Vintage stamps are beautiful and completely worth it, however you will quickly find they are sold at a higher cost than their face value. This is due to the rarity of vintage stamps. For those working with a tight budget, we recommend sending vintage stamps on your invitation envelopes and standard forever stamps on your announcements and save the dates. 

PRO-TIP: If cost is an issue, check out the online USPS store. During wedding season, the USPS often offers seasonal wedding stamps. Although they don't have as much charm as vintage stamps, they will compliment your suite better than a standard patriotic stamp. 



Believe us, there is no feeling worse than when you arrive to the Post Office only to find the vintage stamp collection you curated is not enough to send your invitation. As of right now, the rate to mail a standard sized envelope is 49 cents. If you are mailing something that is irregular, square, or overweight the cost increases to the 70 cent ballpark. If you are planning on using a wax seal, an additional 21 cents for postage is required.

We recommend creating a mock draft of your invitation suite complete with dimensions, weight, and details (wax seal, calligraphy addresses, etc.) and taking it the Post Office. They can take measurements, weigh the envelope, and let you know exactly how much postage is required. From there you can curate your collection with confidence!

PRO-TIP: When curating your vintage stamp collection, we recommend incorporating a stamp of higher value - one that is 20 cents or more. We know those 5 cent stamps are gorgeous, but having a higher value stamp will ensure you reach your postage minimum.
Wedding Invitations & Calligraphy - Ink & Press Co. Photo by Eden Strader


Vintage stamps are especially fun because of how unique they are. With such a large variety, every client is sure to find something they love. We recommend selecting a color scheme or theme for you vintage stamp collage. For example, a collection of blue vintage stamps is beautiful for winter weddings or French inspired weddings. Selecting all botanical vintage stamps adds a special touch to a spring wedding.

Vintage stamps are a fun way to showcase personal details about the couple. There are many statehood stamps that can be selected to honor one's home state. There are stamps that feature different hobbies and interests such as dance, music, sports, public figures, literature, etc.

PRO-TIP: Mikyla Marie, owner of Ink & Press Co., chose vintage stamps for her own wedding invitations. She chose the American Music stamp and the Basketball Association stamp to showcase her and her finance's personal interests. Mikyla loves the arts and music, and her husband's favorite sport is basketball. 



There are many vintage stamp retailers out there on eBay, Etsy, etc. But, you do need to be careful. There are retailers who sell previously used vintage stamps which cannot be used again in the postal system. And, there are stamp knock-offs out there! Make sure you do your research and purchase vintage stamps from trusted retailers.

PRO-TIP: We have been around the block with vintage stamps. So, we made an easy downloadable guide just for you with our favorite vintage stamp retailers we know and trust! Make sure to download the guide below to ensure you avoid any vintage stamp scams!


If you would like additional help curating a collection, designing an invitation suite, or calligraphy addressing envelopes - send us a message! We will be thrilled to hear from you!


Happy vintage stamping!

- Mikyla Marie, Ink & Press Co.