Wedding websites are a rising trend for the modern day bride and rightfully so. They are a wonderful way to communicate little details that don't quite fit in your invitation suite. Wedding websites are efficient, cost effective, and a fun, easy way to stay in touch with your guests prior to your big day.

There are a lot of companies out there who offer great wedding website services. Over here at Ink & Press Co. we offer custom wedding websites as a service for our brides. Some brides, however, prefer to create and manage the website themselves. For brides doing their own website, this question always strikes - "what do I put on my wedding website?" To help you out, we've created a list of 5 things that need to be on your wedding website.

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Wedding websites are a fabulous way for guests to submit their RSVP. While we highly recommend a traditional RSVP card as part of the wedding suite, RSVP pages are a great second RSVP option. You can even cater your RSVP page to get a headcount on specific events. 

On your RSVP page make sure to include a form that can be filled out. A few good form categories to include would be the guest's name, email address, what activities they will be attending, and if they are bringing a plus one. 

PRO-TIP: We recommend including your wedding website on an info card with your invitation suite. The info card can state something like "for additional information on travel, registry, and to RSVP please visit..." This way guests know they are to submit their RSVP online.
 Wedding Invitations & Calligraphy - Ink & Press Co.

2. Registry

Include your registry information on your wedding website! Depending on your invitation suite design, registry information can diminish the elegance. Wedding websites are a great way to include your registry info in a tactful and refined way. You can even include a sweet note that while gifts are not expected, they are appreciated. 

PRO-TIP: Include photos of the company logos you have registered at. From there you can hyperlink the logo photos to your exact registry page. This is an easy way for guests to be directed right to your page eliminating any potential confusion.


3. Photos

We love using wedding websites to showcase photos of the couple! Including a photo page is a classic and modern upgrade from a slideshow at a reception or rehearsal dinner. Guests can browse photos from your time dating as well as your engagement photos. It adds a personal touch to your website making it truly unique to you!

PRO-TIP: Consider including a paragraph on your photo page sharing your love story (this can be a page on its own too!). Guests love the chance to get to know the couple more before the big day. They'll feel a greater connection knowing the details about your first date to the proposal story. And bonus, this is a fun way to create a journal entry documenting your love story!
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4. Travel

If you are having a destination wedding or a wedding where a majority of your guests will be traveling too, including travel information is greatly appreciated! Travel pages can include details on flights, transportation, accommodations, etc. This is a great and convenient way for your guests to book necessary travel plans for your wedding. 

PRO-TIP: If your wedding is a destination wedding include your's and your finance's city favorites. Listing you top restaurants, sites, and activities in the area give guests ideas of what to do during their down time. 


5. Directions & Details

How many times have you gotten into the car to drive to a wedding only to remember you forgot the invitation on the fridge at home! With wedding websites, guests can refer to the website anywhere and at anytime. Including a page with directions to the venue as well as details overviewing the itinerary is especially handy for guests. It enables guests the ability to double check times, dates, and locations even when they are away from the kitchen fridge. 

PRO-TIP: Be mindful of the itinerary listed on your website. If only certain guests are invited to certain events (i.e. ceremony, after party, etc.) you don't want that information to be listed for all to see. We recommend only listing information all guests are invited too.


The options for your wedding website are endless. Wedding websites are an opportunity to showcase your love story. Make it fun and make it you!


Happy designing!

- Mikyla Marie, Ink & Press Co.