Growing up as a ballerina, I read every issue of The Pointe Magazine. My favorite section was on the very last page. They would take a look into what was in a principal dancer's dance bag. As a young dancer, I felt I was being let in on the dancer's deep secrets only to find it was filled with rusty bobby-pins, toe tape, and smelly dance shoes! 

It's not a dance bag, but I'm giving you a sneak peek into what is in my calligraphy tool kit! Who knows, maybe there will be a product you might try and love?


1. Starting off as a budding calligrapher, buying this artist tool wrap from Saint Signora was a major splurge. The second I saw it I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to buy it. There were so many times were I almost did! What finally pushed me to click purchase was their limited edition line made with cowhide. I was sold! And honestly, it is a purchase I am so happy I made! Every calligrapher, whether new or experienced, needs a tool kit to keep their tools safe in. This has been the perfect fit for my needs. It gets tens across the board, I know this is a purchase you will not regret! You can purchase the leather tool kit here


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 5.11.54 PM.png




2. I love this gold ink! There are several other gold inks that I use but Dr. Martin's Iridescent gold ink is great for beginners and large calligraphy orders. You can easily source it from craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I particularly love the copperplate gold ink but have used the copper and nickel colors as well. Honestly, the entire collection is incredible! The fact that you don't have to mix in another solution makes this gold ink extremely convenient. Sometimes I will add distilled water if it is too thick but for the most part, I shake it up and go! It is very opaque and looks fabulous on dark colored envelopes. You can purchase the entire line from Paper Ink & Arts here

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 5.11.12 PM.png


3. I really want a slider writer!  But unfortunately they have been discontinued. I saw a few calligraphy-friends talk about using a laser level so I gave it a go. The first laser level I purchased worked well for a few hours but then the laser grew weak and died. This laser level is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of laser levels. It is powerful still the perfect size for placing on top of your desk. You can purchase this baby from Amazon, and for only $15, here





4. If you are doing a calligraphy addressing order you definitely need a drying rack. I didn't have one my first time around and I was playing Tetris placing envelopes out all over the floor to dry. Using a drying rack keeps all of the envelopes in check while they dry and takes up way less space. My dad actually made me my very own drying rack with specific dimensions that don't interfere with wax seals, however you can get drying racks from a variety of places. Some calligraphers even use old CD racks But you can purchase them from Etsy, or from Paper Ink & Arts here



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5. No artist tool kit would be complete without some actual tools to create art, right!? I order all of my calligraphy holders and nibs through Paper Ink & Arts. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a local brick and mortar store that sells exactly what I like and need. I love oblique holders. They help me achieve the calligraphy slant I love and incorporate into my signature script. Although I love the Blue Pumpkin nib and the Brause EF66, I always come back to the Nikko G nib. It is forgiving, durable, and works well with the paper types I most often use. It is a beloved nib by beginners and advanced calligraphers. You can purchase my favorite oblique pen here, and my favorite nib here


I hope this inside look into my calligraphy tool kit provided helpful insight. If there are any questions about the tools I use, feel free to reach out! You can check out additional posts with calligraphy tips and tricks here

- Mikyla Marie, Ink & Press Co. 

Mikyla Marie