The Artist Collection Feature – Rothko


Today’s artist feature highlights modern artist Mark Rothko. Markus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz was an American painter of Lithuanian Jewish descent. Rothko is described as an abstract expressionist and known for his attention to color, shape, composition, and depth.

Untitled, Mark Rothko – 1952

Blank space, striking lines, and intentional balance are all features of modern artist Mark Rothko’s work. His paintings strategically draw the eye from one space to the next, allowing the jarring nature of bold, simple shapes to keep the viewing experience balanced and fluid. Many of Rothko’s paintings were created to communicate the essence of the human condition. By focusing on the pure essence of both color and structure, Rothko intended for his art to generate, not just symbolic, but a very real feeling and meaning to those who viewed his work.

One of Rothko’s most famous works was commissioned in 1964 by art patrons, John and Dominique de Menil. The couple deeply admired the spiritual nature and character of Rothko’s paintings and felt his work would complement and enrich a Catholic chapel located in Houston, Texas. Rothko painted tirelessly and selected fourteen paintings to distribute on the walls of the chapel, all of which used a very dark color palette. Half of the paintings had a black color field, while the others mixed dark tones of crimson, blue, and maroon. Natural sunlight floods through the glass windows of the ceiling, helping to evoke a spiritual experience that, as Rothko desired, goes beyond the word of God.

Orange and Yellow, Mark Rothko – 1956

Inspired by Rothko’s use of intentional negative space, we created this suite to highlight and lead the eye in a very natural yet minimalist way. Like Rothko, we found inspiration in the simplicity of classic shapes and spaces stripped of any overt style ties.

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