Dress up your holiday cards with a curated vintage stamp set by Grace Cote of Enfield Post and wax seal design by Mikyla Marie of Ink & Press Co. The vintage stamp set features stamps from 1964 - 2001. When placed together on the envelope, the vintage stamps equal enough to mail a two-ounce envelope. The wax seal is designed as an official seal from the North Pole featuring holly berry and the North Pole address. 

The package contains 5 unused vintage stamp sets and 5 gold wax seals. The 1-inch wax seals are created as pre-made wax seals with professional-strength adhesive backs for easy application. Please note vintage stamps are best adhered with a glue stick and a wax stamp is not included. 

Ready to ship on November 11th. For time restraint accommodations, please contact Mikyla Marie directly.



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Due to the nature of the product, no refunds or exchanges can be provided. For any questions about this product before purchasing, please email Mikyla Marie Manu at hello@inkandpressco.com