What To Include On Your Wedding Website


Wedding websites are a rising trend with weddings and rightfully so! Wedding websites are a great resource for your guests, especially if your guests will be traveling to your wedding. Setting up a wedding website can be a daunting task. Where should you host your website? What should you include on your website? Should guests submit their RSVP via your website? These are just a few questions you’ve likely asked yourself regarding a wedding website. We’ll cover all of that and more here and if you are interested, I can always create a wedding website for you!


The main pages you should include on your wedding website is a home page, schedule of events, love story , travel info, accommodations, registry and RSVP.

On your home page, I recommend including your names, wedding date, location and time. All of this paired with your favorite photo makes for a great home page for your guests to clearly see the main info right away.

The most important page on your wedding website is your schedule of events. Make sure all wedding events are listed here with times and locations. If your guest is on their way to your welcome dinner and isn’t positive on the exact address, they know they can pull up your website and have all the info needed.

Along with your schedule of events, including a page about your love story is a wonderful way for guests to read about how you met, your first kiss, and the proposal. This is a great place for you to include images from your time dating and engagement photos.

Two important pages to include are travel and accommodations info. Let your guests know where the nearest airport is, how to get around the city, your favorite recommendations for what to do and eat in city, etc. If you have a room block reserved at a hotel make sure to list this along with the hotel contact info. I recommend listing additional nearby hotels or neighborhood areas are close to your venue for those interested in AirBnBs. Including a map on both your travel and accommodations pages helps provide guests with a great visual so they can better see where your wedding location is.

Including a registry with direct links to your registry lists is a wonderful page to include on your website! This also helps keep your registry info off of your invitation suite keeping your suite refined and timeless. Including direct links to your registry ensure guests are ordering items you have registered for as well.

The RSVP page! If your budget allows I always recommend sending a physical RSVP card and RSVP envelope. However, including a back-up RSVP on your wedding website is a great second option for guests. Make sure your RSVP form is set to file into either a Google Doc or send straight to your email so you can collect all the info!

In addition to these pages, I recommend including a FAQ page addressing attire, parking, accessibility, contact info, etc. Additional fun pages to include is a page dedicated to your wedding party and a photo page.


Now that you know what to include on your website, let’s cover where to host and create your website! My top choice is Squarespace. I have used Squarespace for many years and love their beautiful and easy to use templates. Squarespace has templates specifically built with wedding websites in mind. All you have to do is pick the one you like best and fill out the info! Of course, you can make additional customizations to personalize the website colors to match your wedding color palette. Squarespace also makes it easy to host your website on a month to month basis until the wedding. You can also create a custom domain name for an average of $20. That way you can include real website name like “johnandjane.com” on your invitation suite instead of “johnandjane.squarespace.com”.


This leads me into where to list your wedding website info on your invitation suite. The two places I recommend including your wedding website info is on your save the date card and on your details card. Including a simple phrase like “for additional information on travel, accommodations, and registry please visit…..” lets your guests know you have a website for them to refer to. In the photo above, Rachael and Cameron listed their wedding website on their save the date. That way guests had information leading up to the delivery of their invitation suite so they could plan travel and accommodations in Paris, France.